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    About CONFARM PROJECT.....

    In tradition, Farmer is an independent in all Agricultural aspects. He feed society without any influence and intervention of money. He is a great industrialist and well aware in the food production because he is very closely connected with nature. Now a days, things are changing and Chemical factories leading and acting key role in the pesticide management. due to this, cost of cultivation became very high and low productivity. Farmer lose his confidence and migrating to feed family. Hence, Jeevana Sravanthi Drought Association (JSDA) has taken a step to fill confidence and to produce qualitative organic food.


    Consumer/Investors invests, Cultivator Cultivates, JSDA manages to Accomplishing healthy livelihoods by opting Organic Farming products


    Confarm is a integrated tripartite Organic Farming Project  (Cultivator, NGO, Consumer)
        Confarm is a Consumer, Cultivator win win project
        Confarm is an alternative, collective Social responsibility project
        Confarm is an alternative for cost intensive chemical farming
        Confarm demands cultivator survival with consumer consumption expectations and funding
        Confarm is an alternative for exploitative market forces
        Confarm is a collective resource management solutions of communities
        Confarm is a consumer centric comprehensive intervention solution benefiting       Consumers
        Confarm cultivator, cultivates according to consumer demand
        Confarm is a symbol of Self Sustainability

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